Joshua 22:31
God's Presence Manifested in the Faithful Conduct of His PeopleW.F. Adeney Joshua 22:31
A Supposed Wrong ExplainedT. W. M. Lund, M. A.Joshua 22:1-34
Helping One AnotherF. E. Clark.Joshua 22:1-34
Helping OthersA. Maclaren, D. D.Joshua 22:1-34
MisconstructionC. Ness.Joshua 22:1-34
MisunderstandingJohn Williams, D. D.Joshua 22:1-34
Obedience UnmeasuredH. G. Salter.Joshua 22:1-34
Sincere ObedienceH. G. Salter.Joshua 22:1-34
Standing by Our BrethrenLouis A. Banks, D. D.Joshua 22:1-34
The Altar of TestimonyH. Christopherson.Joshua 22:1-34
The Commander's Parting ChargeAmerican Sunday School TimesJoshua 22:1-34
The Memorial AltarT. R. Stephenson, D. D.Joshua 22:1-34
The Purity and Unity of the ChurchEssex Congregational RemembrancerJoshua 22:1-34
Universal ObligationH. W. Beecher.Joshua 22:1-34
Misunderstandings Among Good PeopleW.F. Adeney Joshua 22:10-34
Its VindicationE. De Pressense Joshua 22:21-34
A Mistake and its RectificationJ. Waite Joshua 22:30, 31
The Offensive Altar
30So when Phinehas the priest and the leaders of the congregation, even the heads of the families of Israel who were with him, heard the words which the sons of Reuben and the sons of Gad and the sons of Manasseh spoke, it pleased them. 31And Phinehas the son of Eleazar the priest said to the sons of Reuben and to the sons of Gad and to the sons of Manasseh, "Today we know that the LORD is in our midst, because you have not committed this unfaithful act against the LORD; now you have delivered the sons of Israel from the hand of the LORD." 32Then Phinehas the son of Eleazar the priest and the leaders returned from the sons of Reuben and from the sons of Gad, from the land of Gilead to the land of Canaan, to the sons of Israel, and brought back word to them.…
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