1 Thessalonians 3
Aramaic Bible in Plain English
1And because we did not resist, we chose to remain in Athens by ourselves, 2And we sent Timotheaus our brother to you, a Minister of God and our helper in The Good News* of The Messiah, that he might strengthen you and inquire* of you concerning your faith, 3Lest any of you should lose hope by such sufferings, for you are aware that we are appointed to this. 4For also when we were with you, we said to you before that we would be persecuted, just as you know it happened. 5Because of this I also did not resist until I sent to know your faith, lest the tempter would tempt you and our labor would be worthless.*

6But now since Timotheaus has come to us from your midst and he gave us good news concerning your faith and about your love, and that you have a good commemoration of us in every place and you desire to see us, just as we also do you, 7Therefore we were comforted by you, brethren, concerning all our adversities and in our afflictions, because of your faith. 8And now we live, if you will abide in Our Lord. 9For what thanks can we pay on your behalf to God, for every joy with which we rejoice because of you, 10Except that before God, we pray all the more earnestly, night and day, to see your faces, and perfect whatever is lacking in your faith?

11But God Our Father and Our Lord Yeshua The Messiah shall direct our way to you, 12And may he multiply and increase your love one toward another, and that to every person, just as we love you, 13And establish your hearts without a fault in holiness before God Our Father at the arrival of Our Lord Yeshua The Messiah with all of his Holy Ones.

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