Psalm 132
Aramaic Bible in Plain English
1Lord Jehovah, remember David and all his affliction!

2For he swore to Lord Jehovah and vowed to the God of Jacob:

3"I shall not enter to the roof of my house; I shall not ascend to the mattress of my bed,"

4"I shall not give sleep to my eyes, neither slumber to my eyebrows"

5"Until I find a place for Lord Jehovah and a tent for the God of Jacob".

6Behold, we heard it in Ephrata and we found it in the fields.

7We shall enter his tabernacle and we shall worship at the stool of his feet.

8Arise, Lord Jehovah, to your rest, you and the ark of your might!

9Your priests will wear righteousness and your righteous ones -glory.

10Because of David your Servant, do not turn away the face of your Anointed.

11Lord Jehovah has sworn to David in truth and he will not turn from it: "One from the fruits of your loins I shall set upon your throne".

12"If your sons will keep my covenant -this testimony that I teach them, some also of their children will dwell to the eternity of eternities upon your throne"

13"Because Lord Jehovah is pleased in Zion and he chose it a dwelling place."

14"This is my rest to an eternity of eternities; here I shall sit because I desired it."

15"And I shall bless her game and her poor ones I shall satisfy with bread".

16"I shall clothe her priests with salvation and her righteous ones in glory".

17"There I shall make the trumpet of David shine and I will shine a lamp for his Anointed."

18"And I shall clothe his enemies in shame, and upon him my holiness will flourish."

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