Psalm 141
Aramaic Bible in Plain English
1Lord Jehovah, I have called you; answer me, give ear and accept my words.

2My prayer came before you like incense, and an offering of my hands like the evening offering.

3Lord Jehovah, set a guard at my mouth and a guard for my lips

4That my heart would not turn aside to an evil word or do evil works with wicked men. I shall not eat salt with them.

5The Righteous One will teach me and will rebuke me; the oil of the wicked will not anoint my head because my prayer is against their evil companions.

6And their Judges were restrained by the hand of The Stone*, and they heard my words, for they are sweet.

7Like a plowshare tears open the Earth, their bones are scattered over the mouth of Sheol.

8And I have lifted my eyes up to you, Lord Jehovah, and I have trusted upon you; do not cast out my soul.

9Keep me from the hand of the boastful, for they have hidden snares for me.

10The evil will fall as one into their nets as I pass by.

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