1 Chronicles 24
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Twenty-Four Divisions of Priests

1These are the deuisions of the sonnes of Aaro. The sonnes of Aaron: Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar, and Ithamar. 2Nadab also and Abihu dyed before their father, & had no children: But Eleazar, & Ithamar executed the priestes office. 3And Dauid ordred them on this maner: Zadoc of the sonnes of Eleazar, and Ahimelec of the sonnes of Ithamar were according to their offices in their ministration. 4And there were mo auncient men founde among the sonnes of Eleazar, then the sonnes of Ithamar. And thus were they ordred together: Among the sonnes of Eleazar there were sixteene rulers according to the houshold of their fathers, and eyght among the sonnes of Ithamar according to the housholde of their fathers. 5And thus were they put in order by lot the one sort from the other: and so were there rulers in the sanctuarie and lordes before God, aswell of the sonnes of Eleazer, as of the sonnes of Ithamar. 6And Semeia the sonne of Nathanael the scribe, of the kinred of the Leuites, wrote them before the king & the lordes, & before Zadoc the priest and Ahimelec the sonne of Abiathar, and before the auncient fathers of the priestes and Leuites, one principall housholde being reserued for Eleazar, and one for Ithamar.

7And the first lot fell to Iehoiarib: and the seconde to Iedaia, 8The third to Harim, and the fourth to Sehorim, 9The fyft to Melchia, and the sixth to Miiamin, 10The seuenth to Hakos, and the eyght to Abia, 11The nynth to Iesua, and the tenth to Secaniah, 12The eleuenth to Eliasib, & the twelfth to Iakim, 13The thirteenth to Huppa, and the fourteenth to Iesebeab, 14The fyftenth to Bilga, and the sixtenth to Immer, 15The seuenteenth to Hezir, and the eyghteenth to Aphses, 16The nynteenth to Pethahia, and the twentieth to Ieheskel, 17The twentie and one to Iachin, and the twentie and two to Gamul, 18The twentie and three to Delaiahu, and the twentie and foure to Maasiahu. 19These are the ordinaunces of them in their offices when they came into the house of the Lord, according to their maner vnder Aaron their father, as the lord God of Israel had comaunded him.

The Rest of the Levites

20The rest of the sonnes of Leui, are these: Of the sonnes of Amram, Subael: of the sonnes of Sabuel, Iehediahu. 21Of the sonnes of Rehabia, the first Iesia. 22Of the Iezaharites Selomoth: Of the sonnes also of Selomoth Iahath. 23His sonnes Ieriahu the first, Amariahu the second, Iahaziel the third, and Iekameam the fourth. 24Of the sonnes of Uzziel, Micha: Of the sonnes of Micha, Samir. 25The brother of Micha was Issia: Of the sonnes also of Issia, Zechariahu. 26The sonnes of Merari, were Mahli, and Musi: The sonnes of Iaaziahu, Beno. 27The sonnes of Merari by Iaaziahu, Beno, Soham, Zacur, and Ibri. 28Of Mahli came Eleazar, and he had no sonnes. 29Of Cis: the sonnes of Cis, Ierahemeel. 30The sonnes of Musi, Mahli, Eder, and Ierimoth: These are the children of the Leuites, after the housholde of their fathers. 31And these cast lottes next to their brethren the sonnes of Aaron in the presence of Dauid the king, and Zadoc, and Ahimelec, and the auncient fathers of the priestes & Leuites, euen the principall fathers, before their younger brethren. The singers are appoynted with their places and lottes.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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