Job 15
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Eliphaz: Job Does Not Fear God

1Then aunswered Eliphaz the Themanite, and saide:

2Shall a wyse mans aunswere be as the winde, and fill a mans belly as it were with the winde of the east?

3Shall he reproue with a worde that is nothing worth, & speake the thinges which can do no good?

4Surely thou hast cast of feare, and restrainest prayer before God.

5For thy mouth setteth forth thyne owne iniquitie, seeing thou hast chosen the tongue of the craftie.

6Thyne owne mouth condempneth thee, and not I: yea, thyne owne lippes shape an aunswere against thee.

7Art thou the first man that euer was borne? or wast thou made before the hils?

8Hast thou heard the secret counsell of God? and doest thou restraine wysdome to thee?

9What knowest thou, that we knowe not? And what vnderstandest thou, but we can the same?

10With vs are both olde and aged men, yea such as haue liued longer then thy father.

11Thinkest thou it a small thing of the consolations of God? with thee is a lying worde.

12Why doth thyne heart so bewitche thee? And wherefore winckest thou with thyne eyes,

13That thy minde is so pufte vp against God, and lettest such wordes go out of thy mouth?

14What is man, that he should be cleane? and he which is borne of a woman, whereby he might be righteous?

15Beholde he doth not trust his sainctes, yea, the very heauens are not cleane in his sight:

16How much more then an abhominable and vyle man, which drincketh wickednesse like water.

17I will tel thee, heare me, and I will shewe thee that I haue seene:

18Which wyse men haue tolde, and haue not hid that which they receaued from theyr fathers:

19Unto whom alone the earth was geue, and no straunger went among them.

20The vngodly soroweth all the dayes of his lyfe as it were a woman with childe, and the number of a tirauntes yeres is vnknowen.

21A feareful sounde is euer in his eares, and when he is in peace, the destroyer shall come vpon him.

22He beleueth neuer to be deliuered out of darknesse: for the sworde is alwayes before his eyes.

23He wandreth abrode for bread where it is, knowing that the day of darkenesse is redie at his hande.

24Trouble and anguishe wil make him afrayde, and compasse him about, as is a king in the middest of an armie.

25For he hath stretched out his hande against God, and armed him selfe against the almightie.

26He runneth proudly vpon him, & with a stiffe necke fighteth he against him.

27Where as he couereth his face with fatnesse, and maketh his body well lyking.

28Therefore shall his dwelling be in desolate cities, and in houses which no man inhabiteth, but are become heapes of stones.

29He shall not be riche, neither shall his substaunce continue, neither shal the prosperitie thereof be prolonged vpon earth.

30He shall neuer depart out of darkenesse, the flame shal drye vp his branches, with the blast of ye mouth of God shall he be taken away.

31He beleeueth not that he erreth in vanitie, and yet vanitie shalbe his recompence.

32He shal perishe afore his time be worne out, and his braunche shall not be greene.

33He shalbe plucked of as an vntimely grape from the vine, and shall let his floure fall as the oliue doth.

34For the congregation of hypocrites shalbe desolate, and the fire shall consume the houses of such as are greedie to receaue giftes.

35He conceaueth trauaile, and beareth vanitie, and their body bringeth foorth disceyte.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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