Psalm 26
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Vindicate Me, O LORD

1Of Dauid. Iudge thou me O God, for I haue walked in my perfection: my trust also hath ben in God therfore I shall not fall.

2Examine me O God and proue me: trye out my reynes and my heart.

3For thy louing kindnes is before mine eyes: and I wyll walke in thy trueth.

4I haue not sit in company with vayne persons: neither haue I entred once acquaintaunce with dissemblers.

5I haue hated the congregation of the malitious: and I wyll not sit amongst the vngodly.

6I haue wasshed my handes in innocencie: and so I haue gone about thine aulter O God.

7That in a publique confession I myght heare: and set foorth all thy wonderous workes.

8O God, I haue loued the habitation of thine house: and the place where thine honour dwelleth.

9O gather not my soule with sinners: nor my life with bloodie men.

10In whose handes is wickednes: and their right hande is full of gyftes.

11But as for me I wyll walke in my perfection: O redeeme me, and be mercyfull vnto me.

12My foote standeth vpon a playne grounde: therfore I wyll blesse God in the congregations.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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