Psalm 149:8
Good News Translation
to bind their kings in chains, their leaders in chains of iron;

New Revised Standard Version
to bind their kings with fetters and their nobles with chains of iron,

Contemporary English Version
Put chains of iron on their kings and rulers.

New American Bible
To bind their kings in shackles, their nobles in chains of iron,

Douay-Rheims Bible
To bind their kings with fetters, and their nobles with manacles of iron.

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

To bind their kings with fetters, and their nobles with manacles of iron.

Joshua 10:23,24 And the ministers did as they were commanded: and they brought out to him the five kings out of the cave: the king of Jerusalem, the king of Hebron, the king of Jerimoth, the king of Lachis, the king of Eglon. . . .

Joshua 12:7 These are the kings of the land, whom Joshua and the children of Israel slew beyond the Jordan on the west side from Baalgad in the field of Libanus, unto the mount, part of which goeth up into Seir: and Joshua delivered it in possession to the tribes of Israel, to every one their divisions,

Judges 1:6,7 And Adonibezec fled: and they pursued after him and took him, and cut off his fingers and toes. . . .

Sing to the LORD a New Song
7To execute vengeance upon the nations, chastisements among the people: 8To bind their kings with fetters, and their nobles with manacles of iron.9To execute upon them the judgment that is written: this glory is to all his saints. Alleluia.…
Cross References
Job 36:8
And if they shall be in chains, and be bound with the cords of poverty:

Isaiah 45:14
Thus saith the Lord: The labour of Egypt, and the merchandise of Ethiopia, and of Sabaim, men of stature shall come over to thee, and shall be thine: they shall walk after thee, they shall go bound with manacles: and they shall worship thee, and shall make supplication to thee: only in thee is God, and there is no God besides thee.

Isaiah 60:11
And thy gates shall be open continually: they shall not be shut day nor night, that the strength of the Gentiles may be brought to thee, and their kings may be brought.

Nahum 3:10
Yet she also was removed and carried into captivity: her young children were dashed in pieces at the top of every street, and they cast lots upon her nobles, and all her great men were bound in fetters.

Psalm 149:7
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