Ezekiel 38
Contemporary English Version

Gog Invades Israel

1The Lord said:

2 Ezekiel, son of man, condemn Gog, that wicked ruler of the kingdoms of Meshech and Tubal in the land of Magog. Tell him:

3I, the Lord God, am your enemy, 4and I will make you powerless! I will put a hook in your jaw and drag away both you and your large army. You command cavalry troops that wear heavy armor and carry shields and swords. 5Your army includes soldiers from Persia, Ethiopia,+ and Libya, 6as well as from Gomer and Beth-Togarmah in the north. Your army is enormous!

7So keep your troops prepared to fight, 8because in a few years, I will command you to invade Israel, a country that was ruined by war. It was deserted for a long time, but its people have returned from the foreign nations where they once lived. The Israelites now live in peace in the mountains of their own land. 9But you and your army will attack them like a fierce thunderstorm and surround them like a cloud.

10When that day comes, I know that you will have an evil plan 11to take advantage of Israel, that weak and peaceful country where people live safely inside towns that have no walls or gates or locks. 12You will rob the people in towns that were once a pile of rubble. These people lived as prisoners in foreign nations, but they have returned to Israel, the most important place in the world, and they own livestock and property. 13The people of Sheba and Dedan, along with merchants from villages in+ southern Spain,+ will be your allies. They will want some of the silver and gold, as well as the livestock and property that your army takes from Israel.

14I, the Lord God, know that when you see+ my people Israel living in peace, 15you will lead your powerful cavalry from your kingdom in the north. 16You will attack my people like a storm-cloud that covers their land. I will let you invade my country Israel, so that every nation on earth will know that I, the Lord, am holy.

Judgment on Gog

17The Lord said to Gog:

Long ago, I ordered my prophets to warn the people of Israel that someday I would send an enemy to attack them. You, Gog, are that enemy, and that day is coming. 18When you invade Israel, I will become furious, 19and in my anger I will send a terrible earthquake to shake Israel. 20Every living thing on earth will tremble in fear of me—every fish and bird, every wild animal and reptile, and every human. Mountains will crumble, cliffs will fall, and cities will collapse. 21I, the Lord, will make the mountains of Israel turn against you.+ Your troops will be so terrified that they will attack each other. 22I will strike you with diseases and punish you with death. You and your army will be pounded with rainstorms, hailstones, and burning sulfur. 23I will do these things to show the world that I, the Lord, am holy.


38.5 Ethiopia: See the note at 29.10.
38.13 from villages in: One ancient translation; Hebrew “and soldiers from.”
38.13 southern Spain: See the note at 27.12.
38.14 when you see: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.
38.21 I, the Lord … against you: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.

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