Hosea 13
Contemporary English Version

Israel Is Doomed

The Lord said:

1When your leaders+ spoke,

everyone in Israel trembled

and showed great respect.

But you sinned by worshiping Baal,

and you were destroyed.

2Now you continue to sin

by designing and making

idols of silver

in the shape of calves.

You are told to sacrifice

to these idols+

yes, even to kiss them.

3And so, all of you will vanish

like the mist or the dew

of early morning,

or husks of grain in the wind

or smoke from a chimney.

4I, the Lord, have been your God

since the time

you were in Egypt.

I am the only God you know,

the only one who can save.

5 I took care of you

in a thirsty desert.+

6I fed you till you were satisfied,

then you became proud

and forgot about me.

7Now I will attack like a lion,

ambush you like a leopard,

8and rip you apart like a bear

robbed of her cubs.

I will gnaw on your bones,

as though I were a lion

or some other wild animal.

9Israel, you are done for.

Don't expect help from me.+

10 You wanted a king and rulers.

Where is your king now?

What cities have rulers?

11 In my anger, I gave you a king;

in my fury, I took him away.

Israel's Terrible Fate

The Lord said:

12Israel, your terrible sins

are written down

and stored away.

13You are like a senseless child

who refuses to be born

at the proper time.

14 Should I, the Lord, rescue you

from death and the grave?

No! I call death and the grave

to strike you like a plague.

I refuse to show mercy.

15No matter if you prosper

more than the other tribes,+

I, the Lord, will wipe you out,

just as a scorching desert wind

dries up streams of water.

I will take away

your precious treasures.

16Samaria+ will be punished

for turning against me.

It will be destroyed in war—

children will be beaten

against rocks,

and pregnant women

will be ripped open.


13.1 your leaders: The Hebrew text has “Ephraim,” here meaning Mount Ephraim, where the royal palace of Samaria (capital of the northern kingdom of Israel) was located.
13.2 You are told … idols: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.
13.5 thirsty desert: The 40 years that Israel wandered through the desert, after leaving Egypt.
13.9 Don't … me: Or “You are against me, the one who helps you.”
13.15 more … tribes: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.
13.16 Samaria: The capital of the northern kingdom of Israel.

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