Isaiah 54
Contemporary English Version

A Promise of the Lord's Protection

1 Sing and shout,

even though you have never

had children!

The Lord has promised that you

will have more children

than someone married

for a long time.

2Make your tents larger!

Spread out the tent pegs;

fasten them firmly.

3You and your descendants

will take over the land

of other nations.

You will settle in towns

that are now in ruins.

4Don't be afraid or ashamed

and don't be discouraged.

You won't be disappointed.

Forget how sinful you were

when you were young;

stop feeling ashamed

for being left a widow.

5The Lord All-Powerful,

the Holy God of Israel,

rules all the earth.

He is your Creator and husband,

and he will rescue you.

6You were like a young wife,

brokenhearted and crying

because her husband

had divorced her.

But the Lord your God says,

“I am taking you back!

7I rejected you for a while,

but with love and tenderness

I will embrace you again.

8For a while, I turned away

in furious anger.

Now I will have mercy

and love you forever!

I, your protector and Lord,

make this promise.”

The Lord Promises Lasting Peace

9 I once promised Noah that I

would never again destroy

the earth by a flood.

Now I have promised that I

will never again get angry

and punish you.

10 Every mountain and hill

may disappear.

But I will always be kind

and merciful to you;

I won't break my agreement

to give your nation peace.

The New Jerusalem

11 Jerusalem, you are sad

and discouraged,

tossed around in a storm.

But I, the Lord,

will rebuild your city

with precious stones;+

for your foundation

I will use blue sapphires.

12Your fortresses+

will be built of rubies,

your gates of jewels,

and your walls of gems.

13 I will teach your children

and make them successful.

14You will be built on fairness

with no fears of injustice;

every one of your worries

will be taken far from you.

15I will never send anyone

to attack your city,

and you will make prisoners

of those who do attack.

16Don't forget that I created

metalworkers who make weapons

over burning coals.

I also created armies

that can bring destruction.

17Weapons made to attack you

won't be successful;

words spoken against you

won't hurt at all.

My servants, Jerusalem is yours!

I, the Lord, promise

to bless you with victory.


54.11 with precious stones: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.
54.12 fortresses: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.

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