Numbers 12
Contemporary English Version

Miriam and Aaron Are Jealous of Moses

1-3 Although Moses was the most humble person in all the world, Miriam and Aaron started complaining, “Moses had no right to marry that woman from Ethiopia!+ Who does he think he is? The Lord has spoken to us, not just to him.”

The Lord heard their complaint 4and told Moses, Aaron, and Miriam to come to the entrance of the sacred tent. 5There the Lord appeared in a cloud and told Aaron and Miriam to come closer. 6Then after commanding them to listen carefully, he said:

“I, the Lord, speak to prophets

in visions and dreams.

7 But my servant Moses

is the leader of my people.

8He sees me face to face,

and everything I say to him

is perfectly clear.

You have no right to criticize

my servant Moses.”

9The Lord became angry with Aaron and Miriam. And after the Lord left 10and the cloud disappeared from over the sacred tent, Miriam's skin turned white with leprosy.+ When Aaron saw what had happened to her, 11he said to Moses, “Sir, please don't punish us for doing such a foolish thing. 12Don't let Miriam's flesh rot away like a child born dead!”

13Moses prayed, “Lord God, please heal her.”

14 But the Lord replied, “Miriam would be disgraced for seven days if her father had punished her by spitting in her face. So make her stay outside the camp for seven days, before coming back.”

15The people of Israel did not move their camp until Miriam returned seven days later. 16Then they left Hazeroth and set up camp in the Paran Desert.


12.1-3 Ethiopia: The Hebrew text has “Cush,” which was a region south of Egypt that included parts of the present countries of Ethiopia and Sudan.
12.10 leprosy: See the note at 5.2,3.

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