Proverbs 25
Contemporary English Version

More of Solomon's Wise Sayings

1Here are some more

of Solomon's proverbs.

They were copied by the officials

of King Hezekiah of Judah.

2God is praised

for being mysterious;

rulers are praised

for explaining mysteries.

3Who can fully understand

the thoughts of a ruler?

They reach beyond the sky

and go deep in the earth.

4Silver must be purified

before it can be used

to make something of value.

5Evil people must be removed

before anyone can rule

with justice.

6 Don't try to seem important

in the court of a ruler.

7It's better for the ruler

to give you a high position

than for you to be embarrassed

in front of royal officials.

Be sure you are right

8before you sue someone,

or you might lose your case

and be embarrassed.

9When you and someone else

can't get along,

don't gossip about it.+

10Others will find out,

and your reputation

will then be ruined.

11The right word

at the right time

is like precious gold

set in silver.

12Listening to good advice

is worth much more

than jewelry made of gold.

13A messenger you can trust

is just as refreshing

as cool water in summer.

14Broken promises

are worse than rain clouds

that don't bring rain.

15Patience and gentle talk

can convince a ruler

and overcome any problem.

16Eating too much honey

can make you sick.

17Don't visit friends too often,

or they will get tired of it

and start hating you.

18Telling lies about friends

is like attacking them

with clubs and swords

and sharp arrows.

19A friend you can't trust

in times of trouble

is like having a toothache

or a sore foot.

20Singing to someone

in deep sorrow

is like pouring vinegar

in an open cut.+

21 If your enemies are hungry,

give them something to eat.

And if they are thirsty,

give them something

to drink.

22This will be the same

as piling burning coals

on their heads.

And the Lord

will reward you.

23As surely as rain blows in

from the north,

anger is caused

by cruel words.

24It's better to stay outside

on the roof of your house

than to live inside

with a nagging wife.

25Good news from far away

refreshes like cold water

when you are thirsty.

26When a good person gives in

to the wicked,

it's like dumping garbage

in a stream of clear water.

27Don't eat too much honey

or always want praise.+

28Losing self-control

leaves you as helpless

as a city without a wall.


25.9 When … it: Or “Settle a problem privately between you and your neighbor and don't involve others.”
25.20 cut: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text of verse 20.
25.27 or … praise: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.

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