Psalm 104
Contemporary English Version

The Lord Takes Care of His Creation

1I praise you, Lord God,

with all my heart.

You are glorious and majestic,

dressed in royal robes

2and surrounded by light.

You spread out the sky

like a tent,

3and you built your home

over the mighty ocean.

The clouds are your chariot

with the wind as its wings.

4 The winds are your messengers,

and flames of fire

are your servants.

5You built foundations

for the earth, and it

will never be shaken.

6You covered the earth

with the ocean that rose

above the mountains.

7Then your voice thundered!

And the water flowed

8down the mountains

and through the valleys

to the place you prepared.

9Now you have set boundaries,

so that the water will never

flood the earth again.

10You provide streams of water

in the hills and valleys,

11so that the donkeys

and other wild animals

can satisfy their thirst.

12Birds build their nests nearby

and sing in the trees.

13From your home above

you send rain on the hills

and water the earth.

14You let the earth produce

grass for cattle,

plants for our food,

15wine to cheer us up,

olive oil for our skin,

and grain for our health.

16Our Lord, your trees

always have water,

and so do the cedars

you planted in Lebanon.

17Birds nest in those trees,

and storks make their home

in the fir trees.

18Wild goats find a home

in the tall mountains,

and small animals can hide

between the rocks.

19You created the moon

to tell us the seasons.

The sun knows when to set,

20and you made the darkness,

so the animals in the forest

could come out at night.

21Lions roar as they hunt

for the food you provide.

22But when morning comes,

they return to their dens,

23then we go out to work

until the end of day.

24Our Lord, by your wisdom

you made so many things;

the whole earth is covered

with your living creatures.

25But what about the ocean

so big and wide?

It is alive with creatures,

large and small.

26 And there are the ships,

as well as Leviathan,+

the monster you created

to splash in the sea.

27All of these depend on you

to provide them with food,

28and you feed each one

with your own hand,

until they are full.

29But when you turn away,

they are terrified;

when you end their life,

they die and rot.

30You created all of them

by your Spirit,

and you give new life

to the earth.

31Our Lord, we pray

that your glory

will last forever

and that you will be pleased

with what you have done.

32You look at the earth,

and it trembles.

You touch the mountains,

and smoke goes up.

33As long as I live,

I will sing and praise you,

the Lord God.

34I hope my thoughts

will please you,

because you are the one

who makes me glad.

35Destroy all wicked sinners

from the earth

once and for all.

With all my heart

I praise you, Lord!

I praise you!


104.26 Leviathan: See the note at 74.14.

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