Psalm 141
Contemporary English Version

(A psalm by David.)

A Prayer for the Lord's Protection

1I pray to you, Lord!

Please listen when I pray

and hurry to help me.

2 Think of my prayer

as sweet-smelling incense,

and think of my lifted hands

as an evening sacrifice.

3Help me to guard my words

whenever I say something.

4Don't let me want to do evil

or waste my time doing wrong

with wicked people.

Don't let me even taste

the good things they offer.

5Let your faithful people

correct and punish me.

My prayers condemn the deeds

of those who do wrong,

so don't let me be friends

with any of them.

6Everyone will admit

that I was right

when their rulers are thrown

down a rocky cliff,

7and their bones lie scattered

like crushed rocks

on top of a grave.+

8You are my Lord and God,

and I look to you for safety.

Don't let me be harmed.

9Protect me from the traps

of those violent people,

10and make them fall

into their own traps

while you help me escape.


141.5-7 Let … grave: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text of verses 5-7.

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