Psalm 41
Contemporary English Version

(A psalm by David for the music leader.)

A Prayer in Time of Sickness

1You, Lord God, bless everyone

who cares for the poor,

and you rescue those people

in times of trouble.

2You protect them

and keep them alive.

You make them happy here

in this land,

and you don't hand them over

to their enemies.

3You always heal them

and restore their strength

when they are sick.

4I prayed, “Have pity, Lord!

Heal me, though I have sinned

against you.”

5My vicious enemies ask me,

“When will you die

and be forgotten?”

6When visitors come,

all they ever bring

are worthless words,

and when they leave,

they spread gossip.

7My enemies whisper about me.

They think the worst,

8and they say,

“You have some fatal disease!

You'll never get well.”

9 My most trusted friend

has turned against me,

though he ate at my table.

10Have pity, Lord! Heal me,

so I can pay them back.

11Then my enemies

won't defeat me,

and I will know

that you really care.

12You have helped me

because I am innocent,

and you will always

be close to my side.

13 You, the Lord God of Israel,

will be praised forever!

Amen and amen.

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