Psalm 59
Contemporary English Version

(For the music leader. To the tune “Don't Destroy.”+ A special psalm by David when Saul had David's house watched so that he could kill him.)

A Prayer for Protection

1 Save me, God! Protect me

from enemy attacks!

2Keep me safe from brutal people

who want to kill me.

3Merciless enemies, Lord,

are hiding and plotting,

hoping to kill me.

I have not hurt them

in any way at all.

4But they are ready to attack.

Do something! Help me!

Look at what's happening.

5Lord God All-Powerful,

you are the God of Israel.

Punish the other nations

and don't pity those terrible

and rebellious people.

6My enemies return at evening,

growling like dogs

roaming the city.

7They curse, and their words

cut like swords,

as they say to themselves,

“No one can hear us!”

8You, Lord, laugh at them

and sneer at the nations.

9You are my mighty fortress,

and I depend on you.

10You love me and will let me

see my enemies defeated.

11Don't kill them,

or everyone may forget!

Just use your mighty power

to make them tremble

and fall.

You are a shield

for your people.

12My enemies are liars!

So let them be trapped

by their boastful lies.

13Get angry and destroy them.

Leave them in ruin.

Then all the nations will know

that you rule in Israel.

14Those liars return at evening,

growling like dogs

roaming the city.

15They search for scraps of food,

and they snarl

until they are stuffed.

16But I will sing about

your strength, my God,

and I will celebrate

because of your love.

You are my fortress,

my place of protection

in times of trouble.

17I will sing your praises!

You are my mighty fortress,

and you love me.


Psalm 59 Don't Destroy: See the note at Psalm 57.

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