Song of Solomon 6
Contemporary English Version
Their Friends Speak:

1Most beautiful of women,

tell us where he has gone.

Let us help you find him.

She Speaks:

2My darling has gone down

to his garden of spices,

where he will feed his sheep

and gather lilies.

3I am his, and he is mine,

as he feeds his sheep

among the lilies.

He Speaks:

4My dearest, the cities of Tirzah

and Jerusalem

are not as lovely as you.

Your charms are more powerful

than all of the stars

in the heavens.+

5Turn away your eyes—

they make me melt.

Your hair tosses about

as gracefully as goats

coming down from Gilead.

6Your teeth are whiter

than sheep freshly washed;

they match perfectly,

not one is missing.

7Behind your veil are hidden

beautiful rosy cheeks.+

8What if I could have

sixty queens, eighty wives,

and thousands of others!

9You would be my only choice,

my flawless dove,

the favorite child

of your mother.

The young women, the queens,

and all the others

tell how excited you are

as they sing your praises:

10“You are as majestic

as the morning sky—

glorious as the moon—

blinding as the sun!

Your charms are more powerful

than all the stars above.”+

She Speaks:

11I went down to see if blossoms

were on the walnut trees,

grapevines, and fruit trees.

12But in my imagination

I was suddenly riding

on a glorious chariot.+

Their Friends Speak:

13Dance! Dance!

Beautiful woman from Shulam,

let us see you dance!

She Speaks:

Why do you want to see

this woman from Shulam

dancing with the others?+


6.4 all … heavens: Or “a mighty army ready for war.”
6.7 cheeks: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text of verse 7.
6.10 all … above: Or “a mighty army ready for war.”
6.12 chariot: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text of verse 12.
6.13 dancing … others: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.

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