Zechariah 6
Contemporary English Version

Eighth Vision: Four Chariots

1Finally, I looked up and saw four chariots coming from between two bronze mountains. 2 The first chariot was pulled by red horses, and the second by black horses; 3 the third chariot was pulled by white horses, and the fourth by spotted gray+ horses.

4“Sir,” I asked the angel. “What do these stand for?”

5 Then he explained, “These are the four winds+ of heaven, and now they are going out, after presenting themselves to the Lord of all the earth. 6The chariot with black horses goes toward the north, the chariot with white horses goes toward the west,+ and the one with spotted horses goes toward the south.”

7The horses came out eager to patrol the earth, and the angel told them, “Start patrolling the earth.”

When they had gone on their way, 8he shouted to me, “Those that have gone to the country in the north will do what the Lord's Spirit+ wants them to do there.”+

The Chosen Leader

9The Lord said to me:

10-11Heldai, Tobijah, and Jedaiah have returned from Babylonia. Collect enough silver and gold from them to make a crown.+ Then go with them to the house of Josiah son of Zephaniah and put the crown on the head of the high priest Joshua son of Jehozadak.+ 12-13 Tell him that I, the Lord All-Powerful, say, “Someone will reach out from here like a branch and build a temple for me. I will name him ‘Branch,’ and he will rule with royal honors. A priest will stand beside his throne,+ and the two of them will be good friends. 14This crown will be kept in my temple as a reminder and will be taken care of by Heldai,+ Tobijah, Jedaiah, and Josiah.”+

15When people from distant lands come and help build the temple of the Lord All-Powerful, you will know that the Lord is the one who sent me. And this will happen, if you truly obey the Lord your God.


6.3 spotted gray: Or “strong.”
6.5 winds: Or “spirits.” The Hebrew word may mean either.
6.6 goes toward the west: Or “follows behind.”
6.8 Lord's Spirit: Or “Lord.”
6.8 will do … to do there: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.
6.10,11 a crown: Two ancient translations; Hebrew “some crowns.”
6.10,11 Heldai … Jehozadak: Or “Go to the house of Josiah son of Zephaniah, where you will find Heldai, Tobijah, and Jedaiah, who have returned from Babylonia. Collect enough silver and gold from them to make a crown. Then put it on the head of the high priest Joshua son of Jehozadak.”
6.12,13 stand beside his throne: Or “sit on a throne.”
6.14 Heldai: One ancient translation; Hebrew “Helem.”
6.14 Josiah: One ancient translation; Hebrew “Hen.”

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