Isaiah 62
Contemporary English Version

Jerusalem Will Be Saved

1Jerusalem, I will speak up

for your good.

I will never be silent

till you are safe and secure,

sparkling like a flame.

2Your great victory will be seen

by every nation and king;

the Lord will even give you

a new name.

3You will be a glorious crown,

a royal headband

for the Lord your God.

4Your name will no longer be

“Deserted and Childless,”

but “Happily Married.”

You will please the Lord;

your country

will be his bride.

5Your people will take the land,+

just as a young man

takes a bride.

The Lord will be pleased

because of you,

just as a husband is pleased

with his bride.

6Jerusalem, on your walls

I have stationed guards,

whose duty it is

to speak out day and night,

without resting.

They must remind the Lord

7and not let him rest

till he makes Jerusalem strong

and famous everywhere.

8The Lord has given his word

and made this promise:

“Never again will I give

to your enemies

the grain and grapes

for which you struggled.

9As surely as you harvest

your grain and grapes,

you will eat your bread

with thankful hearts,

and you will drink your wine

in my temple.”

10People of Jerusalem,

open your gates!

Repair the road to the city

and clear it of stones;

raise a banner to help

the nations find their way.

11 Here is what the Lord has said

for all the earth to hear:

“Soon I will come to save

the city of Zion

and to reward you.

12Then you will be called,

‘The Lord's Own People,

The Ones He Rescued!’

Your city will be known

as a good place to live

and a city full of people.”


62.5 Your … land: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.

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