Jeremiah 30
Contemporary English Version

The Lord Will Rescue Israel and Judah

1-2The Lord God of Israel said, “Jeremiah, get a scroll+ and write down everything I have told you. 3Someday I will let my people from both Israel+ and Judah return to the land I gave their ancestors.”

4-5Then the Lord told me to say to Israel and Judah:

Screams of terror are heard,

with no word of peace.

6Can men give birth?

Then why do I see them

looking so pale

and clutching their stomachs

like women in labor?

7My people, soon you will suffer

worse than ever before,

but I will save you.

8Now you are slaves

of other nations,

but I will break the chains

and smash the yokes+

that keep you in slavery.

9Then you will be my servants,

and I will choose a king for you

from the family of David.

* 10 Israel,+ you belong to me,

so don't be afraid.

You deserved to be punished;

that's why I scattered you

in distant nations.

But I am with you,

and someday I will destroy

those nations.

11Then I will bring you

and your descendants

back to your land,

where I will protect you

and give you peace.

Then your fears will be gone.

I, the Lord, have spoken.

The Lord Will Heal Israel and Judah

12The Lord said:

My people, you are wounded

and near death.

13You are accused of a crime

with no one to defend you,

and you are covered with sores

that no medicine can cure.

* 14Your friends have forgotten you;

they don't care anymore.

Even I have acted like an enemy.

And because your sins

are horrible and countless,

I will be cruel

as I punish you.

15So don't bother to cry out

for relief from your pain.

16But if your enemies try to rob

or destroy you,

I will rob and destroy them,

and they will be led as captives

to foreign lands.

17No one wants you as a friend

or cares what happens to you.

But I will heal your injuries,

and you will get well.

The Lord Will Rescue Israel and Judah

18The Lord said:

Israel, I will be kind to you

and let you come home.

Jerusalem now lies in ruins,

but you will rebuild it,

complete with a new palace.+

19Other nations will respect

and honor you.

Your homes will be filled

with children,

and you will celebrate,

singing praises to me.

20It will be just like old times.

Your nation will worship me,

and I will punish anyone

who abuses you.

21One of your own people

will become your ruler.

And when I invite him

to come near me

at the place of worship,

he will do so.

No one would dare to come near

without being invited.

22You will be my people,

and I will be your God.

I, the Lord, have spoken.

23I am furious!

And like a violent storm

I will strike those

who do wrong.

24I won't calm down

until I have finished

what I have decided to do.

Someday, you will understand

what I mean.


30.1,2 scroll: A roll of paper or special leather used for writing on.
30.3 Israel: The northern kingdom.
30.8 yokes: See the note at 27.1,2.
30.10 Israel: The people of the northern and southern kingdoms.
30.18 Jerusalem … palace: Or “Your towns lie in ruins, but you will rebuild them, and your homes will be where they were before.”

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