Nahum 2
Contemporary English Version

Nineveh Will Fall

1Nineveh, someone is coming

to attack and scatter you.

Guard your fortresses!

Watch the road! Be brave!

Prepare for battle!

2Judah and Israel are like trees

with branches broken

by their enemies.

But the Lord is going to restore

their power and glory.

* 3Nineveh, on this day of attack,

your enemies' shields are red;

their uniforms are crimson.

4Their horses+ prance,

and their armored+ chariots

dart around like lightning

or flaming torches.

5An officer gives a command.

But his soldiers stumble,

as they hasten to build

a shelter to protect themselves

against rocks thrown down

from the city wall.+

6The river gates+ fly open,

and panic floods the palace.

7Nineveh is disgraced.

The queen is dragged off.

Her servant women mourn;

they moan like doves,

and they beat their breasts

in sorrow.+

8Nineveh is like a pond

with leaking water.

Shouts of “Stop! Don't go!”

can be heard everywhere.

But everyone is leaving.

9Enemy soldiers shout,

“The city is full of treasure

and all kinds of wealth.

Steal her silver! Grab her gold!”

10Nineveh is doomed! Destroyed!

Her people tremble with fear;

their faces turn pale.+

11What happened to this city?

They were safer there

than powerful lions in a den,

with no one to disturb them.

12These are the same lions

that ferociously attacked

their victims,

then dragged away the flesh

to feed their young.

13The Lord All-Powerful

is against you, Nineveh.

God will burn your chariots

and send an army to kill

those young lions of yours.

You will never again

make victims of others

or send messengers to threaten

everyone on this earth.


2.4 horses: Two ancient translations; Hebrew “spears.”
2.4 armored: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.
2.5 to build … city wall: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.
2.6 river gates: Nineveh was protected by a moat filled with water from the nearby Tigris River.
2.7 sorrow: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text of verse 7.
2.10 faces turn pale: Or “ashes cover their faces.”

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