Numbers 17
Contemporary English Version

Aaron's Walking Stick Blooms and Produces Almonds

1The Lord told Moses:

2-3Call together the twelve tribes of Israel and tell the leader of each tribe to write his name on the walking stick he carries as a symbol of his authority. Make sure Aaron's name is written on the one from the Levi tribe, then collect all the sticks.

4Place these sticks in the tent right in front of the sacred chest where I appear to you. 5I will then choose a man to be my priest, and his stick will sprout. After that happens, I won't have to listen to any more complaints about you.

6Moses told the people what the Lord had commanded, and they gave him the walking sticks from the twelve tribal leaders, including Aaron's from the Levi tribe. 7Moses took them and placed them in the Lord's sacred tent.

8 The next day when Moses went into the tent, flowers and almonds were already growing on Aaron's stick. 9Moses brought the twelve sticks out of the tent and showed them to the people. Each of the leaders found his own and took it.

10But the Lord told Moses, “Put Aaron's stick back! Let it stay near the sacred chest as a warning to anyone who might think of rebelling. If these people don't stop their grumbling about me, I will wipe them out.” 11Moses did what he was told.

12The Israelites cried out to Moses, “We're done for 13and doomed if we even go near the sacred tent!”

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