Psalm 101
Contemporary English Version

(A psalm by David.)

A King and His Promises

1I will sing to you, Lord!

I will celebrate your kindness

and your justice.

2Please help me learn

to do the right thing,

and I will be honest and fair

in my own kingdom.

3I refuse to be corrupt

or to take part

in anything crooked,

4and I won't be dishonest

or deceitful.

5Anyone who spreads gossip

will be silenced;

no one who is conceited

will be my friend.

6I will find trustworthy people

to serve as my advisors;

only an honest person

will serve as an official.

7No one who cheats or lies

will have a position

in my royal court.

8Each morning I will silence

any lawbreakers I find

in the countryside

or in the city of the Lord.

Contemporary English Version, Second Edition (CEV®)

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Psalm 100
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