Psalm 46
Contemporary English Version

(A special song by the clan of Korah and for the music leader.)

God Is Our Mighty Fortress

1God is our mighty fortress,

always ready to help

in times of trouble.

2And so, we won't be afraid!

Let the earth tremble

and the mountains tumble

into the deepest sea.

3Let the ocean roar and foam,

and its raging waves

shake the mountains.

4A river and its streams

bring joy to the city,

which is the sacred home

of God Most High.

5God is in that city,

and it won't be shaken.

He will help it at dawn.

6Nations rage! Kingdoms fall!

But at the voice of God

the earth itself melts.

7The Lord All-Powerful

is with us.

The God of Jacob

is our fortress.

8Come! See the fearsome things

the Lord has done on earth.

9God brings wars to an end

all over the world.

He breaks the arrows,

shatters the spears,

and burns the shields.+

10Our God says, “Calm down,

and learn that I am God!

All nations on earth

will honor me.”

11The Lord All-Powerful

is with us.

The God of Jacob

is our fortress.


46.9 shields: Or “chariots.”

Contemporary English Version, Second Edition (CEV®)

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