Psalm 79
Contemporary English Version

(A psalm by Asaph.)

Have Pity on Jerusalem

1 Our God, foreign nations

have taken your land,

disgraced your temple,

and left Jerusalem in ruins.

2They have fed the bodies

of your servants

to flesh-eating birds;

your loyal people are food

for savage animals.

3All Jerusalem is covered

with their blood,

and there is no one left

to bury them.

4Every nation around us

sneers and makes fun.

5Our Lord, will you keep on

being angry?

Will your angry feelings

keep flaming up like fire?

6Get angry with those nations

that don't know you

and won't worship you!

7They have gobbled up

Jacob's descendants

and left the land in ruins.

8 Don't make us pay for the sins

of our ancestors.

Have pity and come quickly!

We are completely helpless.

9Our God, you keep us safe.

Now help us! Rescue us.

Forgive our sins

and bring honor to yourself.

10Why should nations ask us,

“Where is your God?”

Let us and the other nations

see you take revenge

for your servants who died

a violent death.

11Listen to the prisoners groan!

Let your mighty power save all

who are sentenced to die.

12Each of those nations sneered

at you, our Lord.

Now let others sneer at them,

seven times as much.

13Then we, your people,

will always thank you.

We are like sheep

with you as our shepherd,

and all generations

will hear us praise you.

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