2 Chronicles 22:4
Why he did evil in the sight of the LORD like the house of Ahab: for they were his counsellors after the death of his father to his destruction.
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(4) Wherefore.And he did the evil. So 2Kings 8:27.

For they were his counsellors.—Or, became.

To his destruction.—Literally, to destruction to him, the same peculiar expression being used which occurred in 2Chronicles 20:23. This last half of the verse is evidently the chronicler’s own free expansion or interpretation of the words of Kings, “for he was son-in-law of the house of Ahab.”

22:1-12 The reign of Ahaziah, Athaliah destroys the royal family. - The counsel of the ungodly ruins many young persons when they are setting out in the world. Ahaziah gave himself up to be led by evil men. Those who advise us to do wickedly, counsel us to our destruction; while they pretend to be friends, they are our worst enemies. See and dread the mischief of bad company. If not the infection, yet let the destruction be feared, Re 18:4. We have here, a wicked woman endeavouring to destroy the house of David, and a good woman preserving it. No word of God shall fall to the ground. The whole truth of the prophecies that the Messiah was to come from David, and thereby the salvation of the world, appeared to be now hung upon the brittle thread of the life of a single infant, to destroy whom was the interest of the reigning power. But God had purposed, and vain were the efforts of earth and hell.For "42" read "22" (see the marginal reference). Ahaziah's father, Jehoram, was but 40 when be died 2 Chronicles 21:20. 3, 4. his mother was his counsellor … they were his counsellors—The facile king surrendered himself wholly to the influence of his mother and her relatives. Athaliah and her son introduced a universal corruption of morals and made idolatry the religion of the court and the nation. By them he was induced not only to conform to the religion of the northern kingdom, but to join a new expedition against Ramoth-gilead (see 2Ki 9:10). After the death of his father; who, whilst he lived, seduced his son by his counsel and authority, and made other evil counsellors then unnecessary. Wherefore he did evil in the sight of the Lord, like the house of Ahab,.... See 2 Kings 8:27.

for they were his counsellors, after the death of his father, to his destruction; both of soul and body; for they gave him bad advice, both in religious and civil things; these were some of the family or court of the king of Israel, that his mother sent for after his father's death to be of his council.

Wherefore he did evil in the sight of the LORD like the house of Ahab: for they were his {e} counsellors after the death of his father to his destruction.

(e) He shows that it follows that the rulers are as their counsellors are and that there cannot be a good king who allows wicked counsellors.

4. after the death of his father] This phrase suggests that he acted as regent in his father’s lifetime during his father’s two years’ illness.The second punishment fell upon the body and life of the king. The Lord smote him in his bowels to (with) disease, for which there was no healing. מרפּא לאין is in apposition to לחלי, literally, "to not being healing."
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