Exodus 35
Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary
Sabbath. The frequent repetition of this precept, cannot escape the notice of the attentive reader. The sabbath was a distinctive mark of the Jews, and was generally observed by them with the utmost care, and even with scrupulosity. (Haydock) --- They were not allowed to do on it any thing that had the appearance of servility, if it could be avoided without serious inconveniences. But in any urgent necessity of the sick, &c., they might provide meat, and do other work, that could not be done before. They might also repel an enemy, water cattle, &c. Though a mere rest be positively ordered, the design of it shewed that the day was to be spent in religious duties, reading the Bible, &c. Josephus assures us, many were so diligent herein, as to know almost the whole law by heart. (Tirinus)

No fire, to dress meat. The Rabbins say it is lawful to light a fire, to warm oneself, or for light. But they generally employ some other to do it for them. The Samaritans and Caraites look upon this as an evasion. (Calmet) --- It was customary to light candles and dress meat before sun-set on Friday. On other festivals, even the greatest, this was not required, as they were not instituted chiefly in memory of God's rest, as the sabbath was, chap. xii. 16. (Haydock)

Vestments, in which the vessels of the tabernacle were folded up. (Vatable)

And women, by the hands of their husbands, as the Hebrew and Septuagint intimate. --- Tablets, (dextralia) ornaments worn on the right hand or arm.

Spun. The wool, it seems, was dyed first, unless it were naturally of these colours. See Exodus xxv. 5. (Calmet)


Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary

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