Ezekiel 6
Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary
Mountains, where idols were chiefly adored. Here their votaries find death. (Worthington) --- Israel, including all God's people, as the sacred writers make no distinction (Calmet) after the destruction of Samaria.

Idols. Protestant marginal note, "sun-images," as [in] ver. 6. The sun was much worshipped, chap. viii. 16. (Haydock)

Bones. The Chaldeans violated the tombs, Baruch ii. 24., and Jeremias viii. 1. (Calmet)

Some. Providence still preserves some faithful or penitent souls. (Worthington)

Broken. Adversity has made them repent.

Foot, through indignation or pity. (Calmet)

From, or, "more than," (Haydock) as Hebrew may signify. Deblatha was in the land of Moab, Numbers xxxiii. 46. (Calmet)

Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary

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