Genesis 26
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Ceremonies of religion, observed under the law of nature. (Menochius)

Sister, or niece. Though lawful at that time, it was not very common for people to marry such near relations; and therefore Isaac, by saying Rebecca was his sister, wished the people of Gerara to be ignorant of her being his wife; being under the like apprehension as his father had been twice before. He imitates his example, trusting in the protection of God, which had rescued Abraham from danger, chap. xxi. (Haydock)

His wife; using greater familiarity that a grave and virtuous man, like Isaac, would offer to do with his sister, or with another person's wife. --- Sin, or punishment, (Menochius) such as Abimelech's father had formerly experienced. (Haydock)

Touch, or hurt, by offering to marry, &c. (Haydock) --- Adultery was punished with death among these nations, chap. xxxviii. 24, as it was by the law of Moses. (Calmet)

And the Lord. This is not mentioned as a miracle; for Egypt and many other countries produced 100 fold. Pliny, Natural History xviii. 10, says, some parts of Africa rendered 150 times as much as was sowed. The famine had now ceased. (Calmet)

Depart. Instead of repressing the outrages of his subjects, the king enters into their jealousies, and banishes a wealthy person, (Haydock) as the Athenians so frequently did afterwards with respect to their best citizens. (Aristotle, Polit. iii. 9.) --- And Pharao used the same pretext, when he persecuted the Hebrews. (Calmet)

Servants. So the Septuagint and Syriac versions, and the Samaritan copy against the Hebrew, in the days, which is incorrect. (Kennicott)

Torrent. That is, a channel where sometimes a torrent, or violent stream had run. (Challoner) --- In this vale of Gerara, a never-failing spring was found. (Haydock)

Latitude. That is, wideness, or room. (Challoner) --- Hebrew Reheboth, widely extended streams, latitudines. See chap. x. 11.

Of Abraham, who still lives before me, and for whom I always testified such affection, though I suffered him to be persecuted: hence, fear not. (Haydock)

Ochozath. This name occurs in the Septuagint, as well as the other two; (chap. xxi. 22.) and means a company of friends. Phicol also signifies the mouth or face of all, being the general of the army, on whom the soldiers must be intent. These are, perhaps, therefore, the names of offices, not of persons; or if they be the same who lived with Abraham, they must have held their high command above 100 years. (Menochius) (Calmet)

Offended. They were the daughters of princes of the Heathens, (Josephus) and being brought up in idolatry and pride, refused to give ear to the advice of Isaac, who never approved of the marriage of his son with them. Esau would not leave the choice of a wife to his father, as Isaac had done at the same age. (Haydock)

Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary

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