Isaiah 29
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Ariel. This word signifies the lion of God, and here is taken for the strong city of Jerusalem. (Challoner) --- It was destroyed by the Chaldeans, (4 Kings xxv.) and still more by the Romans, 40 years after. (Calmet) (Worthington) --- Ezechiel (xliii. 15.) styles the altar of holocausts Ariel. --- Took. Septuagint. The Hebrew means also "inhabited." (Haydock) --- Sion was called the city of David. (Calmet) --- The invasion (Haydock) of Sennacherib is here foretold (Forcr.[Forerius?]) two years before, chap. xxxi. 10.

Trench. Sennacherib did not besiege the city, chap. xxxvii. 33. But he made preparations for it, and his sentiments are expressed, (Calmet) together with the fatal consequences which he felt, when his army was offered up (Haydock) as a victim on the altar of holocausts, ver. 1.

Circle. Thus provisions were cut off. (Calmet)

The Python. The diviner by a spirit. (Challoner) --- Jerusalem shall hardly dare to make a noise. (Calmet)

Away. The numbers, and speedy downfall of the Assyrians, are described. (Haydock)

Thunder. Psalm lxxv. 7. Tharaca was coming to assist Ezechias, chap. xxxvii. 36. (Calmet)

It, in their dreams.

Be, &c. Though God spared the city, for the sake of the good, He will not fail to punish scoffers, in due time, as He now declares. (Haydock) --- Drunkenness. You shall suffer for your crimes, (chap. xxviii. 7.) or be affrighted.

Sleep, or compunction, (Romans xi. 8.; Calmet) denoting their obstinacy. (St. Chrysostom) --- Visions. Protestants, "the seers." (Haydock) --- The Jews perceived but very imperfectly the meaning of the prophets, when they spoke of a future Redeemer, God and man. They are now more infatuated, (Calmet) having a veil on their hearts, 1 Corinthians iv. 3. Both learned and ignorant refuse to believe, excusing themselves, ver. 12. (Haydock) --- The more they read the Scriptures, the less do they understand. (Calmet)

Men. Our Saviour applies this to the Jews. The evangelists follow the Septuagint, Matthew xv. 8., and Mark vii. 6. (Calmet) --- "This people approacheth to me, (Grabe adds, with its mouth and with) their lips they honour me, but their heart is far from me. Yet in vain do they honour me, teaching the commands of men and doctrines." (Haydock) --- They still continue to corrupt God's word by their false interpretations.

Hid. At the approach of Sennacherib, the politicians were confounded. But the obstinate blindness of the Jews in the midst of such a blaze of predictions, which are evidently accomplished in Jesus Christ, excites admiration. That their ancestors should have found them obscure, is not so wonderful. The prophets foretold this event; and the reprobation of the synagogue, which had been so highly favoured, is a proof of the truth of the Christian religion, 1 Corinthians i. 18. (Calmet)

Not. So it is in vain to think that your hypocrisy or excuses will deceive God, chap. xxviii. 15. (Haydock)

Charmel. This word signifies a fruitful field. (Challoner) --- Shall Carmel be presently a forest or barren mountain? No. But I will work a greater miracle, ver. 18. Jerusalem shall rejoice, and Sennacherib shall be filled with dismay.

Rejoice. Our Saviour alludes to this text, (Luke vii. 22.) which, under the figure of the deliverance from captivity, points out the vocation of the Gentiles, chap. xxxv. 5., and xlii. 7, 19.

Prevail. Wicked princes, scoffers, &c., (ver. 10., and chap. xxviii. 7.) shall be exterminated. Ezechias promoted piety with greater zeal after his deliverance.

Gate. False prophets rose up against those who spoke the truth, and condemned them unjustly. (Calmet) --- The just, Christ. (Menochius)

Israel. They shall serve God with fidelity and gratitude, chap. xxx. 22. (Calmet)

Murmured. Magicians, (Grotius) or false sages, chap. xxviii. 9. (Calmet)

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