Isaiah 38
Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary
Ezechias. Sanchez groundlessly thinks it was composed by Isaias. (Calmet) --- Ezechias was afflicted lest he should give way to dangerous joy. (Worthington)

Hell. Sheol, or Hades, the region of the dead. (Challoner) --- He was afraid to die without issue. (St. Jerome; ver. 12.) --- Manasses was born three years later. (Calmet) --- The king would naturally have died. (St. Augustine, de Gen. ad lit. vi. 17.) (Worthington)

Living. I shall not assist at the festivals of the Lord in the temple.

For me. He represents his disease, as an inexorable creditor.

Truth. He speaks only of the body.

Lord. The answer is given, (4 Kings xx. 9.) which seems to evince that this is only an extract. (Calmet) --- The prophet prescribed the medicine, and the king asked for a sign before he sung the canticle. (Worthington)

Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary

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