Isaiah 54
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Barren Jews in captivity, or Church of the Gentiles, to which alone the expressions can be applied. (Calmet) --- The Gentiles were before unfruitful, as the Jews will be till towards the latter times. (Worthington)

Stakes, to receive so great a family. All the Israelites did not return, and it does not appear that many embraced their religion, as they have done that of Christ.

Left. To the north and south. Jerusalem increased. But what was it compared with the Christians establishment!

Widowhood. Thy former excesses shall be forgotten. (Calmet)

Thee. Hebrew, "Bohalaic (Haydock) shall be your Baalim," or husband, who was styled Lord, 1 Peter iii. 6. Perhaps he may allude to the two wives, the synagogues and the Church, or to the idols, which should be adored no more.

Youth. This enhances her fault. God is pleased to overlook it, in the captives (chap. l. 1.) and Gentiles.

Earth. Giving him the rainbow for a sign. My covenant with the Church is equally irrevocable: she is founded on a rock, Matthew xvi. 18. (Calmet) --- Christ will no more abandon her than he will drown the world. Some mountains shall be moved out of their place, but she shall not. (Worthington)

Sapphires. Hebrew, "antimony," a mineral shining like silver, 4 Kings ix. 30.


Bulwarks. Hebrew, windows of crystal; (Ezechiel xxvii. 1[].; Calmet) Protestants, "of agate." (Haydock) --- All this is allegorical, like the redemption of the new Jerusalem, Apocalypse. xxi.

Lord, Christ, Jeremias xxxi. 33., and John vi. 45.

Thee. The Cutheans rendered the Jews suspected, 1 Esdras iv. 2., and vi. 1

To thee, in the inheritance. This was verified in the Church. We have no accout of many being converted before.

Destroy. I can give peace or war. (Calmet) --- Septuagint, "but I have created thee not for utter destruction." (Haydock)

Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary

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