Jeremiah 41
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Month; Tisri, the third of which is still observed as a fast by the Jews. (Calmet) --- Godolias had given a supper to the traitors, and had drunk plentifully. They set upon him while he and the people were retired to rest. (Josephus, Antiquities x. 11.) --- This happened two months after the burning of Jerusalem, chap. xxix. 2. Nabuchodonosor soon after punished this perfidy of the Ammonites. (Calmet) --- Bread: feasted. (Haydock) --- Such tragedies are usually performed with the show of friendship. (Worthington)

Second, or next day. All had been slain in the night but some captives. (Calmet)

Rent, as people mourning. Literally, "dirty." Hebrew and Septuagint, "cut." (Haydock) (Chap. xvi. 6., and Leviticus xix. 28.) --- Lord, Masphath, were people performed their devotions, as well as they could, Judges xx. 1., and 1 Machabees iii. 46.) Jeremias had probably ordered an altar to be erected, as Samuel had done, 1 Kings vii. 6. (Calmet) --- Others think that these people went thither for a priest, to offer what they had brought on the altar of Jerusalem, Baruch i. 10. (Tirinus) --- Masphath lay to the south. (Calmet) --- It seems many of the people about Samaria were true believers, and even more affected at the destruction of the temple. (Haydock) --- Their city had been demolished by Salmanasar (Calmet) long before, and many fresh inhabitants introduced, who adhered to idols. (Haydock)

He. Septuagint, "they." Yet Hebrew intimates that Ismahel feigned tears. (Calmet) --- He did not weep sincerely. (Worthington)

Into. Literally, "slew them about the," &c. (Haydock) --- The pit was not full of water, but had been intended by Asa for a reservoir, (ver. 9., and 3 Kings xv. 20.; Calmet) when he built Maspha. (Worthington)

Field. It was usual to cover them up carefully. (Chardin.) --- Avarice sometimes will set bounds to cruelty, when nothing else will. (Worthington)

King's; Sedecias, (Calmet) or some of his predecessors, as all the women were taken, (chap. xxxviii. 22, 23.) unless those had escaped before. (Haydock)

Johanan. He and the rest of the fugitives thus shewed that they were clean. (Worthington)

Gabaon, famous for the battle of Abner, 2 Kings ii. 13.

Eight. He had brought ten, ver. 1.


Eunuchs; officers of Sedecias, who had escaped, chap. xl. 9.

As. Hebrew, "at the station or inn of Chamaam," the son of Berzellai. (Chaldean) Perhaps our Saviour was born in this (Calmet) "inn," (Eusebius, Dem. vii. 4.) which was then deserted. (Haydock) --- Egypt. These poor wretches find no repose. (Calmet)

Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary

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