2 Chronicles 11
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Ye shall not go up, nor fight against your brethren.




(J. Wolfendale.)

Pity it is that God seems to allow us to go to such costs and then stops us just at the last moment. "Ye shall not go up." There is pity in the arrangement, but it is not on the side of God. It is a pity that we did not consult God before we called the enemy together. He will be consulted at one end. He wishes to be consulted at the beginning, but if we will not consult Him there, we must consult Him at the end. Our preparations amount to nothing if they are not inspired. All our education comes to smoke and wind if it be not an education derived from the altar and enriched with the wisdom of God. Send out a hundred and fourscore thousand chosen men from academy and college and university, loaded with the blank cartridges of ten thousand certificates and testimonials; if the Lord is not in it He will send them all back again until He calls for their aid.

(J. Parks, D. D.)

For three years they walked in the way of David.
Three years of experimental goodness ought to be three years of personal consolidation. To get three years ahead of the enemy ought to be a great advantage. The doctors say that it takes three years to get drink really out of a man's system and no man is safe until he has quite passed the line of three years. These critical times in life are the making of life, when they are really seized aright as to their spirit and highest significance.

(J. Parks, D. D.).

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