John 6:18
And the sea arose by reason of a great wind that blew.
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(18) And the sea arose.—Better, was rising. The tense is still imperfect, describing the scene as it took place. The sea was then being agitated by the wind.

6:15-21 Here were Christ's disciples in the way of duty, and Christ was praying for them; yet they were in distress. There may be perils and afflictions of this present time, where there is an interest in Christ. Clouds and darkness often surround the children of the light and of the day. They see Jesus walking on the sea. Even the approaches of comfort and deliverance often are so mistaken, as to become the occasions of fear. Nothing is more powerful to convince sinners than that word, I am Jesus whom thou persecutest; nothing more powerful to comfort saints than this, I am Jesus whom thou lovest. If we have received Christ Jesus the Lord, though the night be dark, and the wind high, yet we may comfort ourselves, we shall be at the shore before long.See this miracle of walking on the sea explained in the notes at Matthew 14:22-33. Compare Mark 6:45-52.18, 19. sea arose, &c.—and they were "now in the midst of it" (Mt 14:24). Mark adds the graphic and touching particular, "He saw them toiling in rowing" (Mr 6:48), putting forth all their strength to buffet the waves and bear on against a head wind, but to little effect. He saw this from His mountain-top, and through the darkness of the night, for His heart was all with them; yet would He not go to their relief till His own time came. See Poole on "John 6:17" And the sea arose,.... Swelled, and was tumultuous and raging; the waves mounted up, and tossed the ship to and fro:

by reason of a great wind that blew; which agitated the waters of the sea, and lifted up the waves; which storm seems to have arose after they had set sail, and were got into the midst of the sea.

And the sea arose by reason of a great wind that blew.
18. the sea arose] Literally, was becoming thoroughly agitated, so that their Master’s following them in another boat seemed impossible. For the vivid description comp. Jonah 1:13.Arose (διηγείρετο)

It is lamentable how the A.V. misses the graphic force of these imperfects. Rev., rightly, was rising. Literally, was being awakened. The imperfects convey the sense of gathering danger, and throw into stronger relief the fact of Jesus' appearance. They were going; the darkness had already fallen, the sea was rising, and Jesus had not yet come.

That blew (πνέοντος)

Literally, blowing. That was blowing would be better. John's narrative at this point is more detailed and graphic than the others.

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