Luke 11:30
For as Jonas was a sign to the Ninevites, so shall also the Son of man be to this generation.
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11:29-36 Christ promised that there should be one sign more given, even the sign of Jonah the prophet; which in Matthew is explained, as meaning the resurrection of Christ; and he warned them to improve this sign. But though Christ himself were the constant preacher in any congregation, and worked miracles daily among them, yet unless his grace humbled their hearts, they would not profit by his word. Let us not desire more evidence and fuller teaching than the Lord is pleased to afford us. We should pray without ceasing that our hearts and understandings may be opened, that we may profit by the light we enjoy. And especially take heed that the light which is in us be not darkness; for if our leading principles be wrong, our judgment and practice must become more so.See the notes at Matthew 12:38-42. 29-32. (See on [1639]Mt 12:39-42.) See Poole on "Luke 11:29" For as Jonas was a sign to the Ninevites,.... As he was by lying three days and three nights in the whale's belly, and then cast on shore alive; which sign, or miracle was wrought to confirm his mission and message, and to engage the Ninevites to give credit to him, and repent, or they might assure themselves they would be utterly destroyed;

so shall also the son of man be to this generation; by lying three days and three nights in the heart of the earth, and then rising again from the dead the third day; and which should be done to confirm the truth of his Messiahship, and to declare him to be the Son of God with power, and to engage persons to believe in him; and to assure that wicked generation, that in case they remained, after such a sign, impenitent and unbelieving, wrath would come upon them to the uttermost; see Matthew 12:40.

For as Jonas was a sign unto the Ninevites, so shall also the Son of man be to this generation.
Luke 11:30. The sign of Jonah is not further explained as in Mt. (Matthew 12:40), and it might seem that the meaning intended was that Jonah, as a prophet and through his preaching, was a sign to the Ninevites, and that in like manner so was Jesus to His generation. But in reference to Jesus Lk. does not say “is” but “shall be,” ἔσται, as if something else than Christ’s ministry, something future in His experience, was the sign. Something is obscurely hinted at which is not further explained, as if to say: wait and you will get your sign.30. a sign unto the Ninevites] Jonah 1:17.Luke 11:30. Τοῖς Νινευΐταις, unto the Ninevites) Therefore the Ninevites knew as to the three days of Jonah; and were thereby led to repentance: but afterwards they through impenitence drew down punishment upon themselves, after almost the same interval had elapsed from the time of the respite given to them (because of their penitence), as subsequently elapsed in the case of the Jews: which may in both cases be compared with the time given for repentance.[109]—οὕτως, so) This has the force of a promise, extending to a distant period.

[109] Forty days, Jonah 3:4, given for repentance to the Ninevites after Jonah’s “three days,” somewhat analogous to the time, about forty years, between Jesus’ “three days” and the destruction of Jerusalem.—ED. and TRANSL.A sign to the Ninevites

Compare Matthew 12:40.

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