Numbers 15
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And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying,
And if any soul sin through ignorance, then he shall bring a she goat of the first year for a sin offering.



This chapter resembles a sweet flute-like melody inserted between two fierce strains. It reminds us that in the middle of wrath God remembers mercy. The stranger-whether pilgrim, emigrant or slave-was to be included in burned-offerings and sacrifices; a prevision of the time when all holy souls shall be reckoned in the household of God, Eph_2:19.

Sins of ignorance may be forgiven, Num_15:22-29. They are sins. Debts of shortcoming need pardon equally as do trespasses. But, as Paul teaches us, we may confidently count on forgiveness for evil things done unwittingly. See 1Ti_1:12-14; Heb_5:2. It is quite otherwise with sins of presumption, Num_15:30-36. If persisted in, these induce death. See 1Jn_5:16.

We have something better than the memorial fringe, in the ministry of the Holy Spirit, Joh_14:26.

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