Proverbs 10
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The proverbs of Solomon. A wise son maketh a glad father: but a foolish son is the heaviness of his mother.



Wealth has its advantages, which are more than apparent. The rich man’s wealth is his strong city, Pro_10:15; but the treasures which have been obtained by wickedness are soon dissipated. They profit nothing, Pro_10:2. This book contains the striking thought that ill-earned wealth is never gathered for the benefit of the possessor, but rather for the benefit of the righteous, and must be useless until it gets into hands which will use it benevolently and rightly.

But there is another kind of wealth, which will never take wings to fly away, which no moth can corrupt nor thief steal, and which will avail not only here but here-after. Note the antithesis of Pro_10:2. If you would increase your wealth, give it away. See Pro_10:4.

The covering work of love, referred to in Pro_10:12, is emphasized in 1Co_13:7, r.v., margin, 1Pe_4:8, and Jam_5:20. God covers sin, so that the memory of it is obliterated, Eze_33:16.

He is in the way of life that keepeth instruction: but he that refuseth reproof erreth.



Let us specially avoid talking too much. Silence is golden. See Pro_10:19. Yet the tongue of the just is as choice silver and the lips of the righteous feed many, Pro_10:20-21. When we speak, let us say something and let the people to whom we speak feel that their heart is lighter and that the heavenly horizons are nearer and clearer. Whatever you do, beware of uttering slander, Pro_10:18. You know, by your own experience, what is acceptable; see to it that your mouth brings forth wisdom and grace, Pro_10:31-32.

But this portion of Scripture deals, not only with the speech of the good man, but with his stability. The blessing of God is upon him, enriching him in all manner of ways; and there is no alloy in this gold, no bitterness in God’s love, Pro_10:22. The desire of the righteous is granted, because it is begotten of the divine Spirit. He is built on the Everlasting Rock, Pro_10:25; Pro_10:30. His hope is gladness, Pro_10:28. As he walks in God’s way, he gathers strength, Pro_10:29. Though he fall he is not utterly cast down; for God succors him with His saving strength, Psa_37:24.

Through the Bible Day by Day by F.B. Meyer

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