Psalm 25
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A Psalm of David. Unto thee, O LORD, do I lift up my soul.



This is an acrostic or alphabetical psalm. The verses begin with the successive letters of the Hebrew alphabet, to aid the memory. So also in Psa_9:1-20; Psa_10:1-18; Psa_34:1-22; Psa_37:1-40; Psa_111:1-10; Psa_112:1-10; Psa_119:1-176; Psa_145:1-21. It repeats the same expressions several or more times, such as wait, Psa_25:3; Psa_25:5; Psa_25:21; ashamed, Psa_25:2-3; Psa_25:20; and teach, Psa_25:4-5; Psa_25:8-9; Psa_25:12.

Lift up your soul to God, that its darkness may flee before His light and your maladies be healed by His saving health. If you pray to be led and taught, be quiet and wait all the day, Psa_25:5. The anointing that you have received is all that you require, 1Jn_2:27. God’s holiness is no barrier but an encouragement to repentant sinners. Notice therefore, Psa_25:8, and compare with Mat_9:13 and Luk_15:1. What will not God do for the Name! Isa_63:14; Isa_63:16; Eze_36:22-23. For God’s secrets, see Gen_18:17; 1Co_2:9-10. Entrust God with the keeping of your soul and you will never be ashamed, Isa_49:23.

Through the Bible Day by Day by F.B. Meyer

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