1 Thessalonians 1
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Greetings to the Thessalonians
(2 Thessalonians 1:1–4)

1Pavl and Siluanus and Timotheus. Vnto the cogregacion of the Tessalonyans, in God the father and in the LORDE Iesus Christ. Grace be with you, and peace from God oure father and from the LORDE Iesus Christ.

2We geue thankes vnto God allwaye for you all, makynge mesion of you in or prayers 3without ceassynge, and call to remembraunce youre worke in the faith, and youre laboure in loue, & youre pacience in hope, which is oure LORDE Iesus Christ before God oure father: 4Because we knowe (brethren, beloued of God) how that ye are electe: 5for oure Gospell hath not bene with you in worde onely, but both in power and in the holy goost, and in moch certayntie, as ye knowe after what maner we were amonge you for youre sakes. 6And ye became the folowers of vs and of the LORDE: and receaued the worde in moch affliccion with ioye of the holy goost: 7so that ye were an example to all that beleued in Macedonia and Achaia. 8For fro you was the worde of the LORDE noysed out, not onely in Macedonia & Achaia, but i all quarters also is yor faith i God spred abrode so that it nedeth not vs to speake eny thinge at all. 9For they them selues shewe of you, what maner of entrynge in we had vnto you, and how ye are turned vnto God from ymages, for to serue the lyuynge and true God, 10and to loke for his sonne from heaue: whom he raysed vp from the deed, euen Iesus, which hath delyuered vs fro the wrath to come.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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