2 Thessalonians 1
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Greetings to the Thessalonians
(1 Thessalonians 1:1–10)

1Pavl and Siluanus and Timotheus. To the congregacion of ye Tessalonias in God oure father and in the LORDE Iesus Christ. 2Grace be with you, and peace from God oure father, and from the LORDE Iesus Christ.

3We are bounde to thanke God allwayes for you brethren, as it is mete: because that youre faith groweth exceadingly, and the loue of euery one of you increaseth towarde another amoge youre selues, 4so that we oure selues make oure boast of you (in the congregacions of God) of youre paciece and faith in all youre persecucions and troubles that ye suffre,

Christ’s Coming

5which is a token of the righteous iudgment of God, that ye are counted worthy of the kyngdome of God, for the which ye also suffre. 6For it is a righteous thinge with God, to recopence tribulacion vnto the yt trouble you: 7but vnto you which are troubled, rest with vs, wha the LORDE Iesus shal shewe himselfe from heauen, with the angels of his power, 8and with flammynge fyre, to geue vengeauce vnto them that knowe not God, and to them that obeye not the Gospell of oure LORDE Iesus Christ. 9Which shalbe punyshed with euerlastinge damnacion, from ye presence of the LORDE, and from the glory of his power, 10whan he shal come to be glorified in his sayntes, and to become maruelous in all them that beleue: because ye haue beleued oure testimony vnto you of the same daye. 11Wherfore we praye allwayes for you, that oure God make you worthy of ye callynge, and fulfill all delectacion of goodnes, and the worke of faith in power, 12that ye name of oure LORDE Iesus Christ maye be praysed in you, and ye in him, acordinge to the grace of oure God, and of the LORDE Iesus Christ.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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