Deuteronomy 16
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Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread
(Exodus 12:14–28; Leviticus 23:4–8; Numbers 28:16–25)

1Obserue the moneth Abib, yt thou offre Easter vnto the LORDE yi God: for in the moneth Abib the LORDE thy God broughte ye out of Egipte by nighte. 2And for the Easter vnto ye LORDE thy God, thou shalt offre oxen & shepe, in ye place which ye LORDE shal chose, yt his name maye dwell there. 3Thou shalt eate no leuended bred in yt feast. Seuen dayes shalt thou eate the vnleuended bred of thy tribulacion: For with soroufull haist camest thou out of the londe of Egipte, that thou mayest remebre the daye of thy departinge out of ye londe of Egipte, all yi life longe. 4In seue dayes shal there no leueded bred be sene within all thy coastes: & of the flesh that is offred ye first daye at euen, there shal nothinge be lefte ouer night vntyll the mornynge. 5Thou mayest not offre Easter wt in eny of thy gates, which the LORDE thy God hath geuen the: 6but in the place which the LORDE thy God hath chosen, that his name maye dwell there, there shalt thou offre this Easter, at euen whan the Sonne is gone downe, euen in the same season that thou camest out of Egipte: 7and thou shalt dighte it, and eate it in the place that the LORDE thy God hath chosen, and then turne the on the morowe, & go home in to thy tente. 8Sixe dayes shalt thou eate vnleuended bred, and on the seuenth daye is the gatheringe together of the LORDE thy God. Thou shalt do no worke therin.

The Feast of Weeks
(Numbers 28:26–31)

9Seuen wekes shalt thou nombre vnto ye, and begynne to nombre whan the syccle begynneth in the corne, 10and thou shalt kepe the Feast of wekes vnto the LORDE thy God, that thou geue a frewylofferynge of thine hande, acordinge as the LORDE thy God hath blessed the, 11and shalt reioyse before the LORDE thy God, thou and thy sonne, thy doughter, thy seruaunt, thy mayde, and the Leuite that is within thy gates, ye straunger, the fatherlesse, and the wedowe, that are amonge you, in the place which ye LORDE thy God hath chosen, that his name maye dwell there. 12And remembre, yt thou wast a seruaunte in Egipte, so that thou kepe and do these ordynaunces.

The Feast of Tabernacles
(Numbers 29:12–40)

13The feast of Tabernacles shalt thou kepe seuen dayes, whan thou hast gathered in the frutes of thy barne & of thy wyne presse, 14and thou shalt reioyse in thy feast, thou and thy sonne, thy doughter, thy seruaunte, thy mayde, the Leuite, the straunger, the fatherlesse, and the wedowe that are within yi gates. 15Seuen dayes shalt thou kepe ye feast vnto the LORDE thy God, in the place that he hath chosen. For the LORDE thy God shal blesse the in all thy frutes and in all the workes of thine hades. Therfore shalt thou be glad.

16Thre tymes in the yeare shal all thy males appeare before the LORDE thy God (in the place that he shall chose) namely, in the feast of vnleuended bred, in the feast of wekes, and in the feast of Tabernacles. He shal not appeare emptie before the LORDE, 17but euery one after the gifte of his hande, acordinge to the blessinge that the LORDE thy God hath geuen the.

Judges and Justice

18Ivdges & officers shalt thou ordeyne within all yi gates, which ye LORDE thy God geueth the amoge thy trybes, yt they maye iudge the people with righteous iudgment. 19Thou shalt not wrest the lawe. Thou shalt knowe no personne also, ner take giftes. For giftes blynde the eyes of ye wyse, & peruerte ye righteous causes. 20Loke what righte is, yt shalt thou folowe, that thou mayest lyue & possesse the londe, which the LORDE thy God shal geue the.

Forbidden Forms of Worship

21Thou shalt plante no groue (of what so euer trees it be) nye vnto the altare of the LORDE thy God, which thou makest the. 22Thou shalt set the vp no piler, which ye LORDE yi God hateth.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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