Ezekiel 48
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The Portions for the Tribes

1These are ye names of the trybes that lye vpon the northsyde by the waye of Hetlon, tyll thou commest vnto Hemath and Hazar Enam, the borders of Damascus towarde the north besyde Hemath: Dan shal haue his porcio from the east quarter vnto the west. 2Vpon the borders of Dan from the east syde vnto the west, shal Asser haue his porcion. 3Vpon the borders of Asser fro the east parte vnto the west, shal Nephtali haue his porcion. 4Vpon the borders of Nephtali from the east quarter vnto the west, shal Manasses haue his porcion. 5Vpon the borders of Manasses from the east syde vnto the west, shal Ephraim haue his porcion. 6Vpon the borders of Ephraim from the east parte vnto the west, shal Ruben haue his porcion. 7Vpo the borders of Ruben from the east quarter vnto the west, shal Iuda haue his porcion.

The Portions for the Priests and Levites

8Vpon the borders of Iuda from the east parte vnto the west, ye shal set a syde one porcio of xxv.M. meteroddes longe and brode (like as another porcion from the east syde vnto the west,) wherin the Sanctuary shal stode. 9As for the porcion, that ye shal separate out for the LORDE, it shalbe xxv.M. longe, and x.M. brode.

10Which separated holy porcion shal belonge vnto these: namely to the prestes, towarde the north xxv.M. & towarde the west x.M. brode, towarde the east x. M. brode also, & towarde the south xxv.M. longe, wherin the Sanctuary of the LORDE shal stonde. 11Yee this same place shal be the prestes, yt are of the childre of Sadoch, & haue kepte my holy ordinaunce: which wente not astraye in the erroure of the children of Israel, like as the Leuites are gone astraye: 12and this separated pece that they haue of the londe, shalbe the most holy, harde vpon the borders of the Leuites. 13And nexte vnto the prestes, shal the Leuites haue xxv.M. loge and x.M. brode. This shalbe on euery syde xxv. M. longe, and x. M. brode. 14Of this porcio they shal sell nothinge, ner make eny permutacion therof, lest the chefe of the londe fall vnto other, for it is halowed vnto the LORDE.

The Common Portion

15The other v.M. after the bredth, yt lyeth by the xxv.M, shalbe comon: it shal belonge to the cite and to the suburbes for habitacions, and ye cite shal stonde in the myddest therof. 16Let this be the measure: towarde ye north parte, v.C. & iiij.M: towarde the south parte, v.C. & iiij.M: towarde the east parte, v.C. and iiij.M: towarde ye west parte, v.C. and iiij.M. 17The suburbes harde vpon the cite, shall haue towarde the north, L. and ij.C: towarde the south, L. and two C: towarde the east, L. and two C: towarde the west also, L. and two C. 18As for the residue of the length, that lyeth hard vpon the separated holy grounde: namely, x.M. towarde the east and x.M. towarde the west, next vnto the holy porcio: it and the increase therof shal serue for their meate, that laboure in the cite. 19They that laboure for the welth of the cite, shall manteine this also, out of what tribe so euer they be in Israel. 20All that is separated of the xxv.M. longe and xxv.M. brode on the foure partes, yt shall ye put a syde for the separated porcion of the Sanctuary, & for the possession of ye cite.

The Portion for the Prince

21The resydue vpon both the sydes of the Sanctuary and possession of the cite, shall belonge to the prynce, before the place of ye xxv.M. vnto the east ende, & before the place of ye xxv.M. westwarde, vnto the borders of ye cite: this shalbe ye prynces porcio. This shalbe the holy place, and the house of the Sanctuary shal stonde in the myddest. 22Morouer, from the Leuites and the cities possession, yt lye in the myddest of the prynces parte: loke what remayneth betwixte the border of Iuda & the border of Ben Iamin, it shalbe the prynces.

The Portions for the Remaining Tribes

23Now of the other trybes. Fro the east parte vnto the west, shal Ben Iamin haue his porcion. 24Vpon the borders of Ben Iamin fro the east syde vnto ye west, shal Symeon haue his porcion. 25Vpon the borders of Symeo from the east parte vnto the west, shal Isachar haue his porcion. 26Vpo the borders of Isachar from the east syde vnto the west, shal Sabulon haue his porcion. 27Vpon the borders of Sabulon from the east parte vnto the west, shal Gad haue his porcion. 28Vpon the borders of Gad southwarde, the coastes shal reach fro Thamar forth vnto the waters of strife to Cades, and to the floude, euen vnto the mayne see. 29This is ye lode wt his porcios, which ye shal distribute vnto the trybes of Israel, saieth ye LORDE God.

The City Gates and Dimensions

30Thus wyde shal the cite reach: vpon the north parte v C and iiij M measures. 31The portes of the cite, shal haue the names of the trybes of Israel. Thre portes of ye northsyde: One Ruben, another Iuda, the thirde Leui. 32Vpo ye east syde, v C & iiij M measures, wt ye thre portes: The one Ioseph, another Be Iamin, the thirde Dan. 33Vpon the south syde v C and iiij M measures, with the thre portes: the one Symeon, another Isachar, the thirde Sabulon. 34And vpon the west syde v C and iiij M measures, with thre portes also: the one Gad, another Asser, the thirde Nephtali. 35Thus shal it haue xviij M measures roude aboute. And from that tyme forth, ye name of the cite shalbe: the LORDE is there.

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