Genesis 28
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Jacob’s Departure

1Then called Isaac his sonne Iacob and blessed him, and charged him, & sayde vnto him: Take not a wife of the doughters of Canaan, 2but get the vp, and go in to Mesopotamia vnto the house of Bethuel thy mothers father, and take ye there a wife of ye doughters of Laban yi mothers brother. 3And the Allmightie God blesse the, and make the frutefull, and multiplye the, (that thou mayest be a multitude of people) 4and geue the the blessynge of Abraham vnto ye & thy sede with the, that thou mayest possesse the lande, wherin thou art a straunger, which God gaue vnto Abraham. 5So Isaac let Iacob departe, that he might go in to Mesopotamia vnto Laban the sonne of Bethuel of Siria, ye brother of Rebecca, his and Esaus mother.

Esau Marries Mahalath

6Now when Esau sawe that Isaac had blessed Iacob, and let him departe in to Mesopotamia, that he might take a wife there: and yt, as he blessed him, he charged him, & sayde: Thou shalt not take a wife of the doughters of Canaan, 7and that Iacob obeyed his father and his mother, and was gone vnto Mesopotamia: 8seynge also that Isaac his father loked not gladly vpon the doughters of Canaan, 9he wente his waye vnto Ismael, and besyde the wyues that he had afore, he toke Mahaloth the doughter of Ismael (Abrahas sonne) the sister of Nebaioth, to wife.

Jacob’s Ladder

10As for Iacob, he departed from Bersaba, and wente vnto Haran 11and came to a place, where he taried all night: for the Sonne was downe. And he toke a stone of ye place, & put it vnder his heade, and layed him downe in ye same place to slepe. 12And he dreamed, and beholde, there stode vpon ye earth, a ladder, whose toppe reached vnto the heauen. And beholde, the angels of God wente vp and downe vpon it, 13and the LORDE stode vpon it, and sayde: I am the LORDE God of thy father Abraham, and the God of Isaac: The londe yt thou lyest vpon, wyl I geue vnto the, and to thy sede: 14and thy sede shal be as ye dust of ye earth. And thou shalt sprede forth towarde the west, east, north, and south: and thorow the and thy sede shall all the kynreds vpon earth be blessed. 15And beholde, I am with ye, and wyll kepe the where so euer thou goest, & wyl brynge the hither agayne in to this lande: for I wil not leaue the, tyll I haue made good, all that I haue promysed the. 16Now whan Iacob awaked from his slepe, he saide: Surely the LORDE is in this place, and I knew not. 17And he was afraied, and sayde: How fearfull is this place? here is nothinge els but an house of God, & a gate vnto heaue.

The Stone of Bethel

18And Iacob arose early in the mornynge, and toke the stone that he had layed vnder his heade, and set it vp, and poured oyle vpon it. 19And he called the place Bethel, but afore the cite was called Lus. 20And Iacob made a vowe, and sayde: Yf God wyll be with me, and kepe me in this iourney yt I go & geue me bred to eate, and clothinge to put on, 21and brynge me peaceably home agayne vnto my father: The shall the LORDE be my God, 22and this stone that I haue set vp, shalbe an house of God: and all that thou geuest me, I wyl geue the the tenth therof.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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