Proverbs 24
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Do Not Envy

1Be not thou gelous ouer wicked me, & desyre not thou to be amonge them.

2For their herte ymagineth to do hurte, & their lippes talke of myschefe.

Saying 21

3Thorow wysdome an house shalbe buylded, & wt vnderstondinge it shalbe set vp.

4Thorow discrecion shal ye chabers be fylled wt all costly & pleasaunt riches.

Saying 22

5A wyse ma is stroge, yee a ma of vnderstodinge is better, the he yt is mightie of stregth.

6For with discrecion must warres be take in honde, and where as are many yt can geue councell, there is ye victory.

Saying 23

7wysdome is an hie thinge, yee eue to ye foole, for he darre not ope his mouth in ye gate.

Saying 24

8He yt ymagineth myschefe, maye wel be called an vngracious personne.

9The thoughte of ye foolish is synne, & ye scornefull is an abhominacion vnto me.

Saying 25

10Yf thou be ouersene & necliget in tyme of nede, the is thy stregth but small.

11Delyuer the yt go vnto death, & are led awaie to be slaine, & be not necliget therin.

12Yf thou wilt saye: I knewe not of it. Thynkest thou yt he which made ye hertes, doth not cosidre it? & yt he which regardeth yi soule, seith it not? Shal not he recopence euery man acordinge to his workes?

Saying 26

13My sonne, thou eatest hony & ye swete hony cobe, because it is good & swete in thy mouth.

14Euen so shall ye knowlege of wysdome be vnto yi soule, as soone as thou hast gotte it. And there is good hope, yee yi hope shal not be in vayne.

Saying 27

15Laye no preuy waite wickedly vpon ye house of ye rightuous, & disquiete not his restinge place.

16For a iust ma falleth seuen tymes, & ryseth vp agayne, but ye vngodly fall in to wickednes.

Saying 28

17Reioyce not thou at ye fall of thine enemie, and let not thine herte be glad whan he stombleth.

18Lest ye LORDE (when he seyth it) be angrie, & turne his wrath from him vnto the.

Saying 29

19Let not yi wrath & gelousy moue ye, to foolow ye wicked and vngodly.

20And why? ye wicked hath nothinge to hope for, & ye cadle of the vngodly shall be put out.

Saying 30

21My sonne, feare thou ye LORDE & ye kinge, & kepe no copany wt ye slaunderous:

22for their destruccion shal come sodenly, & who knoweth ye fall of the both?

Further Sayings of the Wise

23These are also ye saieges of ye wyse. It is not good, to haue respecte of any personne in iudgmet.

24He yt saieth to ye vngodly: thou art rightuous, him shall the people curse, yee ye comotie shal abhorre him.

25But they yt rebuke ye vngodly shalbe comended, & a riche blessinge shal come vpo the.

26He maketh him self to be well loued, that geueth a good answere.

27First make vp yi worke yt is wt out, & loke well vnto yt which thou hast in ye felde, & the buylde thine house.

28Be no false wytnesse agaynst yi neghbor, & hurte him not wt yi lyppes.

29Saye not: I wil hadle him, eue as he hath dealte wt me, & wil rewarde euery ma acordinge to his dedes.

30I wente by ye felde of ye slouthfull, & by ye vynyarde of the foolish ma.

31And lo, it was all couered wt nettels, & stode full of thistles, & ye stone wall was broke downe.

32This I sawe, & cosidered it wel: I loked vpo it, & toke it for a warnynge.

33Yee slepe on still a litle, slobre a litle, folde thine hodes together yet a litle:

34so shall pouerte come vnto the as one yt trauayleth by ye waye, & necessite like a wapened man.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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