Psalm 55
Coverdale Bible of 1535 Par ▾ 

Cast Your Burden upon the LORD
(2 Samuel 17:15–29)

1Heare my prayer (o God) and hyde not thy self fro my peticion.

2Take hede vnto me and heare me, how piteously I mourne & coplayne.

3The enemie crieth so, & the vngodly commeth on so fast: for they are mynded to do me some myschefe, so maliciously are they set agaynst me.

4My herte is heuy within me, and the feare of death is fallen vpon me.

5Fearfullnesse and tremblinge are come vpon me, and an horrible drede hath ouerwhelmed me.

6And I sayde: O that I had wynges like a doue, that I might fle somwhere, and be at rest.

7Lo, then wolde I get me awaye farre of, and remayne in the wildernesse.

8Sela. I wolde make haist to escape, from the stormy wynde and tempest.

9Destroie their tonges (o LORDE) and deuyde them, for I se vnrightuousnes & strife in ye cite.

10This goeth daye and night aboute the walles, myschefe and vyce are in the myddest of it.

11Wickednesse is therin, disceate and gyle go not out of hir stretes.

12Yf it were myne enemie that reuyled me, I coude beare it: or yf one that ought me euell will dyd threaten me, I wolde hyde myself from him.

13But it is thou my companyon, my gyde and myne owne familier frede.

14We had swete and secrete communicacion together, and louyngly walked we together in ye house of God.

15Let death come hastely vpon them, and let them go downe quick into hell, for wickednes is amonge them in their dwellinges.

16As for me, I will call vnto God, and the LORDE shall helpe me.

17In the eueninge, mornynge and at noone daye wil I mourne and complayne: and he shal heare my voyce.

18It is he that delyuereth my soule in peace, from them that laye waite for me: for they are many agaynst me.

19Yee euen God that endureth for euer, shal heare me, and brynge them downe. Sela. For they wil not turne: and why? they feare not God.

20Yee they laye hondes vpon soch as be at peace with him, and so thei breake his couenaunt.

21Their mouthes are softer then butter, & yet haue they batell in their mynde: their wordes are smoother then oyle, and yet be they very swerdes.

22O cast thy burthen (or care) vpon the LORDE, he shal norish the, and not leaue the rightuous in vnquietnesse.

23But as for them, thou (o God) shalt cast them downe in to the pitte of destruccion. The bloudthurstie and disceatfull shal not lyue out half their daies. Neuerthelesse my trust is in the.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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