Psalm 26
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Vindicate Me, O LORD

1Unto the end. A Psalm of David. Judge me, Lord, for I have been walking in my innocence, and by hoping in the Lord, I will not be weakened.

2Examine me, Lord, and test me: enkindle my temperament and my heart.

3For your mercy is before my eyes, and I am serene in your truth.

4I have not sat with the council of emptiness, and I will not enter with those who carry out injustice.

5I have hated the assembly of the malicious; and I will not sit with the impious.

6I will wash my hands among the innocent, and I will surround your altar, O Lord,

7so that I may hear the voice of your praise and describe all your wonders.

8O Lord, I have loved the beauty of your house and the dwelling place of your glory.

9O God, do not let my soul perish with the impious, nor my life with the men of blood,

10in whose hands are iniquities: their right hand has been filled by bribes.

11But as for me, I have been walking in my innocence. Redeem me, and have mercy on me.

12My foot has stood firm in the straight path. In the churches, I will bless you, O Lord.

Catholic Public Domain Version

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