Ezra 6:8
I hereby decree what you must do for these elders of the Jews who are rebuilding this house of God: The cost is to be paid in full to these men from the royal treasury out of the taxes of the provinces west of the Euphrates, so that the work will not be hindered.
Cross References
Ezra 6:4
with three layers of cut stones and one of timbers. The costs are to be paid from the royal treasury.

Ezra 6:7
Leave the work on the house of God alone. Let the governor and elders of the Jews rebuild this house of God on its original site.

Ezra 6:9
Whatever is needed--young bulls, rams, and lambs for burnt offerings to the God of heaven, as well as wheat, salt, wine, and oil, as requested by the priests in Jerusalem--must be given to them day by day without fail.

Ezra 7:14
You are sent by the king and his seven counselors to evaluate Judah and Jerusalem according to the law of your God, which is in your hand.

Nehemiah 11:23
For there was a command from the king concerning the singers, an ordinance regulating their daily activities.

Daniel 6:26
I hereby decree that in every part of my kingdom, men are to tremble in fear before the God of Daniel: For He is the living God, and He endures forever; His kingdom will never be destroyed, and His dominion will never end.

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

I make a decree.

Ezra 6:4
with three layers of cut stones and one of timbers. The costs are to be paid from the royal treasury.

Ezra 4:16, 20
We advise the king that if this city is rebuilt and its walls are restored, you will have no dominion west of the Euphrates. . . .

Ezra 7:15-22
Moreover, you are to take with you the silver and gold that the king and his counselors have freely offered to the God of Israel, whose dwelling is in Jerusalem, . . .

Psalm 68:29-31
Because of Your temple at Jerusalem kings will bear you gifts. . . .

Haggai 2:8
The silver is Mine, and the gold is Mine, declares the LORD of Hosts.


Ezra 4:21, 23
Now, therefore, issue an order for these men to stop, so that this city will not be rebuilt until I so order. . . .

Ezra 5:5
But the eye of their God was on the elders of the Jews, so that they were not stopped until a report was sent to Darius and written instructions about this matter were returned.

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