Job 9
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Job’s Reply to Bildad

1Then Job answered:

2Yes, I know what you’ve said is true,

but how can a person be justified before God? a

3If one wanted to take b Him to court,

he could not answer Godc once in a thousand times. d

4God is wisee and all-powerful.

Who has opposed Him and come out unharmed?

5He removes mountains without their knowledge,

overturning them in His anger. f

6He shakes the earth from its place

so that its pillars tremble.

7He commands the sun not to shine

and seals off the stars. g

8He alone stretches out the heavensh

and treads on the waves of the sea. i

9He makes the stars: the Bear, j Orion,

the Pleiades, k and the constellationsl of the southern sky.

10He does great and unsearchable things,

wonders without number. m

11If He passes by me, I wouldn’t see Him; n

if He goes right by, I wouldn’t recognize Him.

12If He snatches something, who can stopo Him?

Who can ask Him, “What are You doing? ” p

13God does not hold back His anger;

Rahab’sq assistants cringe in fear beneath Him!

14How then can I answer Him

or choose my arguments against Him?

15Even if I were in the right, I could not answer.

I could only beg my Judge for mercy. r

16If I summoned Him and He answered me,

I do not believe He would pay attention to what I said.

17He batters me with a whirlwinds

and multiplies my wounds without cause.

18He doesn’t let me catch my breath

but soaks me with bitter experiences.

19If it is a matter of strength, look, He is the Mighty One! t

If it is a matter of justice, who can summonu Him? v

20Even if I were in the right, my own mouth would condemn me; w

if I were blameless, my mouth would declare meguilty.

21Though I am blameless,

I no longer care about myself;

I renounce my life. x

22It is all the same. Therefore I say,

“He destroys both the blameless and the wicked.” y

23When disaster brings sudden death,

He mocks the despair of the innocent.

24The earthz is handed over to the wicked;

He blindfoldsaa its judges. ab

If it isn’t He, then who is it?

25My days fly by faster than a runner; ac  ad

they flee without seeing any good. ae

26They sweep by like boats made of papyrus,

like an eagle swooping down on its prey. af

27If I said, “I will forget my complaint,

change my expression, and smile,”

28I would still live in terror of all my pains. ag

I know You will not acquit me. ah

29Since I will be found guilty, ai

why should I labor in vain?

30If I wash myself with snow,

and cleanse my hands with lye,

31then You dip me in a pit of mud,

and my own clothes despise me!

32For He is not a man like me, that I can answer Him, aj

that we can take each other to court.

33There is no one to judge between us,

to lay his hand on both of us.

34Let Him take His rod away from me

so His terror will no longer frighten me. ak

35Then I would speak and not fear Him.

But that is not the case; I am on my own.

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